Top 5 Best Merkur Safety Razor 2015

Our grandfathers relied upon double edged razors to carry the shaving task. For them, shaving was an art, and so they carried out shaving with pleasure and ease. However, in today’s world, we have moved on to faster methods of shaving by making use of electric shaving devices, and disposable razors. While they perform the shaving job quickly, such razors do not shave with the same precision as wet shaving devices. Hence in this article, we discuss the top razor solutions for the super clean shave. The powerful Merkur safety razor offers the closest and cleanest shave. So, read on to know more and discover the best merkur safety razor of 2015.

Before we talk about the Merkur safety razors let us discuss the feature of the best safety razor. A good razor must offer excellent balance in order to minimise accidental nicks. The head the razor must automatically guide the blade towards a clean shave. It has got to have a longer handle to make it appealing and must have an easy blade replacement feature. In this respect, the Merkur safety razor is worth mentioning. Merkur long handled safety razor has a superb metallic construction and a finish in chrome so that oxidation is resisted over longer periods of time. The long handle is very impressive and prevents finger slip when the shaving tool is wet. It is best suitable for people with big hands.

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Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic "Barber Pole" Long Safety Razor
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Merkur safety razor fits the “DE” blade, standard double edge, conveniently and the best part is that you can experiment with numerous other brands of razor blades. Merkur razor blade is considered to be a happy medium whereas blades of feather brands are sharper. There is one very special reason behind the popularity of Merkur safety razor, and the reason is that it can offer the closest shave. For best results from this category of razor, you need to have patience, and devote some time.

For those who are used to the older style of shaving, the best Merkur safety razor is a heavy duty, double edged razor. Merkur HD 34C Double Edge Razor has comparatively shorter handles, and its length is about the same as disposable one. Perfect for small hands, the mercur safety razor offers a completely different type of grip and offers space for experimentation as the user can experiment with several types of shaving techniques.

Important features of Merkur HD 34C Double Edge Razor incorporate knurled grip handle offering non-slip grip even when the razor is wet. Having a safety bar that is non-adjustable, the razor is perfect for novices and those who are new at shaving and are not familiar with razor blade adjustments. Since, the razor offers a milder shave there are fewer probabilities of getting cuts when compared to other shavers.

Best Merkur safety razor has all the features of safety razor and falls in between barber’s straight razor and manual cartridge razors of today. It functions as both the razors. Novices can avoid substantial cuts by using the range of mercur safety razors.

Time for some reviews

1. Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor: Chrome plated Mercur safety razor for closer shave

Shaving Gift Set with Merkur Safety Razor

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The entire shaving kit comprising of merkur safety razor, shaving soap, bowl, safety razor, brush, and stand can be purchased from major online stores, and the kit makes up for the best gift to be given to husband. The product features:

– Chromium plated pieces

– The Merkur safety razor with long handle for easy grip

– 5 in 1 shaving kit

– Bra-type guard for merkur safety razor

– Badger shave brush that is 100% pure

– Chromium stand

– Matching chromium shave bowl

The shaving gift set is amazing with all the accessories required for shaving. It is a stunning shaving set featuring chromium material that has an ultra slim long handle merkur safety razor for that clean and close shave, a bar type of guard with chrome handle that is, in fact, 3 7/8”. The 100% pure shaving brush and shaving bowl is something that makes the kit complete. The shaving bowl is 4” and the brush is manufactured in the US. There are a number of sources to buy the gift kit, and they include antique stores in your area, Internet auction sites, flea markets, adverts from the Internet shaving forums. The merkur razor comes with the safety bar to offer additional protection.

2. Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic “Barber Pole” Long Safety Razor

Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic

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Awesome for the novices, 38 HD classic offers the best and most precise shave without any cuts. The wait for 38C has finally ended with the coming up of 38 HD Merkur model. The product modeled after barber’s tools, the handle of the razor offers super grip for it is made up of heavy-duty chromium plated handles that weighs around 4oz and has the handle which is 3.75 inches long. The handle of this particular product is shorter than tradition merkur shaving razors that had longer handles. The product uses razor blades with a double edge. The product features:

– Barber pole handle

– Firm grip

– Long handle of 3-3/4 inches

– Polished chromium finish

– Solid brass core

– Manufactured in Soligen or Germany

Merkur model 38 HD has double edge designs that offer closest shave with chrome plated bar. It has a safety razor with a straight edge that delivers that extra close shave. As per the reviews, it is, in fact, this razor that is most well designed, which will last for years. With little or no irritation, the user will get a close shave. It is light in weight, and several users find it convenient. It is clear from the review that Merkur makes some of the best razors.

3. Merkur “Futur” Safety Razor, Satin Finish

Merkur "Futur" Safety Razor, Satin Finish

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A superb gift that you can give on the occasion of Father’s Day for it has a good weight. Priced lower, made with German technique, the product has a nice adjusting dial that allows the blade to move in the direction as intended by the user. The frosted steel model of razor makes it more chic than even the standard chrome. The safety razor is sure to offer a big smile on the face of the user. The futuristic German design is sure to make anyone happy. The product features:

– Double edged design

– The razor is adjustable and offers the most perfect angling

– The finishing is beautiful satin

– Offers a comfortable, and close shave

– Manufactured in Germany

The adjustable Merkur’s safety razor permits the user to change or alter the angle of the blade which is inside the razor. By merely twisting the upward part of the razor handle, one can find the most suitable kind of setting, offering close and comfortable shave. Since the razors are adjustable, you can adjust the angle as per your wish to get optimum shave. It is 4 ¼” long and has chromium plating with a satin finish for the most comfortable shaving experience. The product is a must try.

4. Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C: For cleanest shave

Merkur HD Slant Safety Razor 37C

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Military persons generally have thicker beards. The slant safety Razor 37C is the revolutionary product that is perfect for those with thick beards. People with tough beards can get the closest shave comfortably. The slant razor head permits easy shaving. Since the blade rests upon a slant in the head of the razor, with one side much higher than the other, each bristle is sliced away by the edge as it passes through a tougher beard of military persons. The highlighting feature of Merkur Safety Razor 37C is that it offers aggressive shaving than standard HD razors. The Merkur slant needs very slight pressure on the face and the technique with which the razor is made is really commendable. The heavy-duty merkur safety razor has two pieces of double edged razor and also features a comfortable handle that is approximately 3 inches long. It has a non-slip grip so that shaving is done comfortably. For more aggressive shave the bar is slanted on the razor. The box in which you will get this product is strictly German. Conveniently priced, the product is simple to assemble and disassemble. You can easily hold the top to unscrew bottom. The entire piece is sturdy looking with a great chromium look.

5. Merkur HD 43C Double Edge Razor “Long Handle-Stainless Steel”

Merkur-Razor Double Edge Safety Razor Extra LOng Handle

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Merkur HD 43 C has the heaviest and long handled razor comprised of solid stainless steel. The handle is made up of brushed steel, which is nearly 3 ¾” long. The product weighs around 148g. You will be delighted to know that the latest Stainless steel Merkur has the handle which is newly designed and has the razor head which is made up of chrome. The heavy weight shaving razor offers Merkur features equipped with thick and heavy stainless steel handle and has the most elegant end piece. Being one of the heaviest safety razors, the product manufactured by Merkur is sure to impress anyone. If you prefer the aggressive shave, then this particular product is best suited for it has extra handle weight. It offers close shave without a nick. The razor is latest in design and is the heaviest razor manufactured by Merkur. With the standard chromium plating, you will find a beautiful end cap in the handle. The cap releases the head on 2-piece razor, and the razor weighs 5.2oz with 4” of length. The razor fits all the standard double edged blades. The fit and finish are really awesome and are most suitable for one who has large, arthritic hands.